Facebook Auto Group Poster : How To Hide Groups

Facebook Auto Group Poster : How To Hide Groups. 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster is one of the best online facebook auto poster which is being updated on regular basis and this makes it more feature rich for users to have a great experience while using it to automate their facebook auto group posting. with the recent update of 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster, you can now hide any groups you don’t want to see on the list of groups you have on the platform.

Facebook Auto Group Poster

you may say why would i want to hide any of the groups i have joined when the purpose of joining is to post to the groups.well, the beauty of this features is that it enables you to hide some on wanted groups you have joined or maybe the groups you owned which you don’t want to post message to. the major reason for this hide and unhide features is to enable you hide any groups you have on your list that the admin will have to approve your post before it will be live on the group.

you and i knows that it will be a waste of time posting your message on groups that will not display your post unless the admin approve the post and also there are some groups that doesn’t allow their members to post, only the admin is allowed to post message on such kind of groups. due to this, it will be best to hide such groups on your list or better still, unjoin/Leave the group.

but in the case where you just want to hide them, you can do that from 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster after all your groups have been automatically imported to the platform. this gives you a clean list of groups you have .so if you wish to hide any of the groups on your list, then follow the steps below to do that.

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Facebook Auto Group Poster – How To Hide Groups

Login to 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster platform and then scroll down to the list of groups you have

tick the selected groups you wish to hide and then click On The Hide Node Button at the top. it will hide the groups.

if you wish to unhide any of the group, then click on the Show Hidden nodes. it will display all the groups or pages you have hidden. there you can tick any of the groups and then Click On Unhide Node Button. the group will be unhide

any of the groups you have hidden, you will see the word Hidden written on each of the groups so you will know which one is not hidden and the onces that are hidden. hope you enjoyed reading this post.

if you have any issue using 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster, then make use of the comment to ask your questions.

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    • the auto comment, bumping feature is being used to auto bump your old post on the groups back to the top.
      this means, you can use it to push your old post that has been lost in the group back to the top again. to use this features, you will have to click on the comment option, then write your comments.

      after writing comment and save, you will go to your scheduled post, there is a button called comment, click on it and then choose the comment you have written, then specify time delay and click on save/play to start the auto comment

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