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Facebook Auto Group Poster – How To Schedule Post. with 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster, you can schedule your post to be posted to all your facebook groups at once in a future date.this is one of the features most facebook group auto poster software don’t have, especially the desktop based software. for this reasons, lots of facebook users gets their account ban as a result of not able to schedule their post with proper delay interval for each post to be posted but with 24webtraffic online Facebook¬†auto group poster,¬†you can schedule your post to be published to all your facebook groups at once, both the groups you have joined or the once you managed, including fan pages, whether open,closed,secret groups.so if you are using 24webtraffic facebook group auto poster, then follow the steps below to schedule your post using the proper time interval.

schedule post on facebook auto group poster

Facebook Auto Group Poster Online – How To Schedule Your Post Properly.

==> Login To the facebook auto group poster platform.if you don’t have an account yet, then visit the platform to create an account free

==> you will be taken to the dashboard. scroll down and type the message you wish to post in the message form.

==> after you are done with typing of the message, click on Schedule

==> the schedule window will display. there you will see stuffs like the following below

Post Interval: this means the time interval you want each post to be posted on each groups. if you set it to 15 minutes, it will delay each group post every 15 minutes. this means after posting to the first group, the time it will take to post to the next group will be delayed for 15 minute. this is how it will keep delaying the post on each groups.

this is good to make it look natural instead of you rushing the group posting. you don’t have anything to lose or stress yourself about since the facebook group poster will automatically do the
job for you even when your computer is shut down. all you need do is to Make sure the time interval is set to minute and use higher minute from 15-20 minute is ok to make it more natural and human like.

Schedule Post Start: this means the time and date you wish to publish the message to all the groups you selected. so make sure you have already set your country time zone in the settings else it won’t work properly.
so if you’ve not set your country time zone, Go to Settings=>General Settings, then scroll down to time zone to set your country time zone and click save.
now still on the schedule tutorial.next option is the facebook app

Facebook App: here you have to chose the Facebook app you wish to use for the schedule post. please make sure you chose app that has higher expiring date or never expires. recommended app for schedule
includes HTC Sense, Instagram, Facebook For Android, Facebook For Iphone, Spotify(Can Only Post To Open Groups ). do not use Graph API Explorer For Schedule else it will stop working after 1 hour since the access token expires every 1 hour.

Auto Pause After Post And Auto Resume After Hour: this means that the facebook auto group poster will auto pause the posting after it has posted your message to certain number of groups you specified there.
for example, i can tell the platform to auto pause for 8 or 10 hours after posting to 5 groups. so after every post to 5 groups, it will auto pause for 8 or 10 hours depending on my choice. this makes it more natural aside the delay interval.so it is recommended to set the Auto Pause After Post to 5 groups or less than 10 groups and set the Auto Resume After Hour to 8 or 10 Hours. i usually set mine to 5 groups and 10 Hours.

remember you are not stressing yourself because the facebook auto group poster will do the job for you even if it takes days to complete the posting. it is worth doing it right instead of rushing the post

==> Now when you are done setting up the schedule, Scroll down the page and tick the groups you wish to post the messages to. it is recommended to chose 40 Groups per day to be on the safe side.

==> when you are done ticking the groups, scroll up and click on the Save Post and give it a Name. this way the message will be saved as draft so you can use it later in the future.

==> when done with saving the post, Now You Can Click On The Save Schedule.


schedule facebook auto group poster

the post will be scheduled to be posted in the set time you selected.so make sure to set it properly by using the proper delay Interval and Auto Pause. like i have said, I recommend using delay of 15-20 minutes and Auto Pause After Post to 10 groups with Auto Resume After Hour of 2 or 3 hours. remember you just have to set and forget, no stress, no need rushing the posting to avoid getting ban or blocked from facebook
because the auto group poster will do the job for you on auto pilot even when your computer is shut down.

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