Facebook Auto Group Poster : How To Set or Change Default App

Facebook Auto Group Poster is one of the easy online tool that makes auto posting to all your facebook groups easy with 1 click. in order for you to make use of the 24webtraffic facebook auto poster, you will need a facebook app. there are lots of public facebook app which are available for use but most of them do not provide authentication links to enable you authenticate the apps, so in this case, this is why we have made it available for users to make use of on the facebook auto group poster platform.

the beauty about using Facebook auto group poster is that you have lots of public app to authenticate and make use of such as Instagram Access Token, HTC Sense Access Token, Facebook For Android Access Token, Facebook For Iphone Access Token, Spotify Access Token and lots more.with this Facebook apps and access token, you have more choices to make use of should in case any other app stops working due to abuse of it by most of those using likes bots and other bot software such as facebook autolikes bot, auto friend request bot, etc. this is why most online facebook auto group poster compel you to create your own facebook app before you can make use of it. but on 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster, you don’t have to worry about creating your own facebook app to before you can use the facebook group auto poster as we have provided it on the platform.

so follow the steps below to set your default app on the online facebook auto group poster.

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Facebook Group Auto Poster – How To Set or Change Default App

i will assume you have not Authenticated Any Other app aside the Default App Used In Adding Your Facebook Account to the platform. the default app set by the Admin is Called Graph API Explorer. So you can change it by authenticating more apps and set any of them as your default app.to do this

Login to the Facebook Auto Group poster. if you have not created an account on the platform, Then Click Here To Sign Up

After successfully logged in, Scroll Up and Click On Settings. On the Settings Page, Scroll Down To Where You Will See the Option Called Facebook Apps, Click On It

From the Facebook Apps page, scroll down, you will see lots of facebook apps and close to it, you will see An Authentication Button. See image below

facebook auto group poster access token

Click the Authentication Button from any of the apps of your choice.

it will open a small window. there you will see two options and Box to insert access token. See Image Below

facebook group auto poster app authentication

first thing you need to do is for you to Click On Authenticate The App Button. it will open A small Browser window and take you to Facebook to give the app permission.from the permission page, make sure you Set It As Public and continue. when you are done with the rest permission access, close it. see image below

facebook group auto poster access token permission


You Have Successfully given access permission to the app, now its time to get the facebook app access token.when you get to this step, there is a trick i normally recommend. normally in this step, you are suppose to click on the second button Get App Authentication Link but when you do that, it will just display a small window and disappear immediately.

so instead of using the second button, rather You Should Click On the Authenticate The App Button Again.

facebook group auto poster app authentication

this time around it won’t display the The Facebook Permission page. it will display the Access token URL Page and you have to copy the full url. in this step, you have to be fast when copying the Access token URL because if you are not fast enough, the Access token Url will be cut off, leaving you with a link that does not contain the Access token.
so be fast to copy the full url access token link when the window is displayed.See Image Below

facebook auto poster access token


after copying, Insert the url into the Box That Says Paste The App Authentication Link Here, it will automatically extract the access token in the Second Box. all you need to do when it displayed the access token, just click on The Set Access Token Button. See Image Below

facebook auto group poster get Access token

you will see a successful message, close the window and refresh the page and then Go to the Facebook App Page Again to see if the app is showing Authenticated as the status.

facebook auto group poster authenticated

if it displayed Authenticated with a check mark on it, then the app has been successfully added to the facebook auto group poster for you to make use of But hay wait a minute, you are not done yet.

in order for you to make use of the facebook app or any other app you’ve just authenticated, you have to set it as your default app on the facebook auto group poster.to do this, if you are still in the settings page, Scroll Up to Posting Settings, there you will see an option Facebook App, Under it there is a small box, click on the box, a list of app you have authenticated will display.there you can select the app you want and then click on Save Changes. see image below

facebook auto poster default app

now you have successfully set the default app. you can make use of it to auto post to all your facebook groups at once. so with this tutorial, you know how to change or set default app on the Facebook Auto Group Poster Platform

You Can Watch Video Tutorial Below

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