Facebook Auto Group Poster : How To Spin Your Message

Facebook Auto Group Poster : How To Spin Your Message. when it comes to using any facebook auto group poster software or site to automatically post to all your facebook groups at once, there is need for you to spin your message, including links before posting to avoid posting the same message all the time. this is also one of the reason why you get blocked or ban from facebook because facebook bots will detect that you are posting the same contents always. this is even proven from facebook status update. guess you have gotten an error message from facebook before, telling you that it looks “Duplicate status message Error Details : This status update is identical to the last one you posted. Try posting something different, or delete your previous update”.

this is just for facebook timeline update and their bot detected that you have posted this content before on your timeline, so you can’t post it immediately again. in order to post it again immediately, then you have to delete the previous one or you add a different word to it before posting. this is where the idea for spinning your message comes in handy to avoid facebook ban or jail.

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if facebook can detect that you have duplicate content and stop you from posting the same content on your timeline, what do you think they would do if their bot detect you are posting the same content to  all your facebook groups at once. they will have no choice than to block or sentence you to facebook jail which will prevent you from posting to groups for a certain period of time, maybe a week or a month, depending on how serious your offence is.

now you don’t want to experience such right, then you have to learn how to spin your message with spin tags by using similar words. this way it will post the same message but with different word that is closely related to all your facebook groups.

for example, instead of using they are, you can use they’re by adding it into the spintax space. the more spintags you add, the more your contents will have varieties of different words to be posted. so 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster support using spinning of your message and it automatically post each spun words to all your facebook groups. if you added spintax like

{Hello|Howdy|Hola} to you, i just want to {Inform|Share with|Tell} You about a cool site i use to {make money|Earn Cash} Online

with the example above, the poster will post to the first group by using spin word randomly. first group post will look like this below

Hello to you all, i just want to Inform you about a cool site i use to Make Money Online.

second group post will look like this below

Howdy to you all, i just want to Share with you about a cool site i use to  Earn Cash Online

Third group post will look like this below

Hola to you all, i just want to Tell you about a cool site i use to  Make Money Online.

now look at the third group post, you will noticed the last spintax word has only two spin word which is Make Money and Earn Cash. so the more similar word you add to the tag, the more richly your content will have different version which is good for your group posting because it will keep spreading the different version of your contents which maintain the same meaning of what you are promoting but with different similar words.

You can do same with a link pointing to different url but has the same content when clicked to visit. so if you can create different url link pointing to different website domain, e.g link 1 can be www.google.com/promolink, link 2 can be www.twitter.com/promolink, link 3 can be  www.instagram.com/promolink

i make use of those popular site as reference but you will replace them with your website promo links but make sure you don’t use the same domain name for that since facebook only blacklist domain name when they detect it is been posted on regular basis.so if you have multiple domain, you can create the same post and spin the link but if you only have one website, then make sure you post it slowly without rushing the posting.

don’t try to post your links to more than 20 groups at once within 5 minute, that is bad and not recommended. always use higher time delay when using instant posting.

i always recommend posting to 10 groups per day to be on the safe side. you can also skip posting for some days, that is how i carry out my own auto posting and it is recommended you do so.no need rushing your posting since the facebook auto poster will do the job for you even while you are sleeping and your pc is shut down, it keeps posting on scheduled date.Take Note of that.

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so to spin a link, you will use


now look at the spun links, you will noticed i did not add HTTP or HTTPS. i only use www. this is because if you add http or https to the link, it will only post 1 link without spinning them randomly due to the http or https that is added. so the platform is only seeing it as a link and it will keep posting just the first link in the spintag. we don’t want that.

i discovered this when i was testing the spinning with links. so do not add http or https to the link. just use www.  so facebook will detect it is a url link. if you remove the www. from it which becomes domain1.com/promolink, facebook will not see it as a link, it will be posted as a text word which makes it Non-Clickable. so take note of that.

the issue of spinning a message is that most users don’t want to stress themselves spinning their message because it can be time consuming, trying to add similar words and finding the appropriate word and position to use it on. this could be time consuming for you but it is the best and recommended practice to follow when using automation tools, not just facebook auto group poster.

you are even lucky to have such a great features on 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster because most auto group poster i have used before don’t have such features and you can use a spintag when posting to facebook groups manually because facebook will see it as part of your message.

this is where our facebook auto group poster come in handy because it automatically convert the spun words to messages which it intelligently post to the various groups randomly. now if you are finding it hard to craft a spun message, you can contact us to Spin your message for you before posting it to avoid facebook ban or jail for posting the same content. So Contact us Via mail Below



    • Hi, if you are having issues with image upload. you can try to use a free image upload sharing site to upload your image and then copy the image link and paste in the image url on the auto poster platform to use.let me know if you have any issues.

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