Facebook Auto Group Poster : How To Use Send Now Post Option

Facebook Auto Group Poster – How To Use Send Now Post Option. with 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster, you can use the post now option to post to be posted to all your facebook groups at once and it will be posted immediately. 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster is an online based app which is free to sue by any one. so if you have large amount of facebook groups, you know how difficult and stressful it will be if you decided to post to all the groups manually. it will take you time to do this when you can use an online free facebook group auto poster to save you time.
one of the features of this app is the ability to post your message to all the facebook groups you have joined or own and also including pages. this is awesome isn’t it. well, other platform that offer this type of services do charge a fee and also compel you to create a facebook app before you can use it but with 24webtraffic facebook auto group poster, there are lots of public apps you can use, such apps includes , HTC Sense, Instagram, facebook for android, facebook for iphone, Spotify, and lots more which have higher expiring date while some never expires.today i am going to show you how to use the facebook group auto poster to post to all your facebook groups in 1 click using the Post Now Features properly

the reasons why i said properly is because most users are abusing the system by trying to post to all their facebook groups at once within 1 minute by posting to more than 10 groups. this is not natural and facebook will see you as spammer and ban your account since their bot will detect you are using a robot. this is logical because one cannot post to more than 10 groups within the space of 60 seconds which is unusual and may lead to facebook jail for some days or months. so you have to be careful with the way you use the facebook auto group poster because the manual process has been lifted from your end, leaving the facebook group auto poster will do the job for you, so why rushing the posting when you just have to compose the message and chose the groups you want to post it to and the software will take care of the rest actions why you continue with other stuffs you are doing offline or online. there is no need for you to rush the system since you are not doing it manually anymore. so even when you are making use of
the facebook auto group poster which serve as a robot, you can still make it act like a human being to make the posting look natural using the delay time interval. so follow the process below to use the delay time interval in a proper manner.

Facebook Group Auto Poster – How To Use The Post Now Properly

==> login to the Facebook auto group poster. you will be taking to the display message form. if you don’t have an account, then Create An Account Here Free

==> Now after login to the platform, Scroll down and use the message form to compose your post

==> after composing your message, set the delay in seconds to at least 150 or higher. if you decide to set it to 150 seconds, then it will take you 2 minutes and 30 seconds to post to each facebook groups. this means that after it has posted to the first group, the platform will pause the next posting for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. now this seems natural and human likes because facebook will assume you are posting naturally because if you take a look at the concept behind it, before you can compose a message and post to the first groups, it will take you about a minute to compose it again and post to the second groups. this follow sooth with the rest groups except you copy paste and post.

but on a logical instance, clicking next groups and composing your message will take you about a minute to do, you can’t do such within 5 second which is why you normally get ban or Facebook jail for posting too fast.

so the recommended Delay should be set to something over a minute by using the proper seconds. so use google to convert minute to seconds. if you want to use 2 minutes or more, then just type 2 minute convert to seconds on google.
you will get the actual seconds. so recommended seconds to use for human like posting should be 150 seconds or higher to make it look more natural

==> when done with setting the delay interval, then scroll down to the list of groups you wish to post to and tick them. now this is another aspect you need to consider carefully before clicking the post now because it is not logical to keep posting same message to 100 of groups a day. facebook will detect you are using a robot to do this and ban you. so recommended groups to post to using the Post Now Option should be between 10-15. if you wish to post to more than 15 groups, then Make Use Of The Schedule Option. You Can Read This Tutorial On How To Schedule Properly

==> When done with the selection of the groups, you can then Scroll Up and Click On Send Now. note that you have to leave your computer ON and internet connection must be Available too to keep the post going. if you want to shut down your computer,then it is recommended you make use of the schedule option since the Facebook auto group poster will take care of the posting on auto pilot, you just need to come online to monitor the progress.

facebook auto group poster send now

==> also note that, to make selection of groups easy since the auto poster will import all the groups you have joined and finding the once you wish to post to could be difficult. this is where the Category Grouping comes into play. when you are free, take some time to Categorize your groups into different niche or Group Types using the Category Features. you can Read This Tutorial On How To Add Your Groups Into Different Categories.

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