Facebook Group Auto Poster : How To Add And Get Instagram Access Token

Facebook Group Auto Poster : How To Add And Get Instagram Access Token. in this tutorial, i am going to walk you through on how to add and get instagram access token so you can be able to use it on the facebook group auto poster. for those who have registered on the 24webtraffic Online facebook auto group poster platform and must have added their facebook account, you should know that the default app used in adding your account to the platform is The Facebook Graph API Explorer.  the graph api explorer app is set by default by the admin of the online facebook group auto poster so you can be able to add your account and also import all your groups and pages into the platform. you can equally make use of the facebook graph api explorer app to post to various groups but the issue with graph api explorer is that is expires every 1 hour.

this means that the app access token  will expire in 1 hour time after using it to add your facebook account, so you have within 1 hour to make use of the app to carry out your facebook auto group posting to both your facebook timeline/wall, Groups Including Open/Closed/Secret Groups and also the pages you have liked. all this activities will be limited for 1 hour only and once it expires you will saying “Error validating access token: session has expired on wednesday, 21-may-17 07:00:00 pdt. the current time is monday, 24-may-17 06:19:49 pdt.”.

now what this means is that your facebook graph api explorer access token has expired, so you will need to refresh it, You Can Read Tutorial On How To Refresh Graph API Access Token Here.

due to the fast expiration of the graph api explorer, one can not use it to schedule their post to be posted in a future date else most of your post will have an error after 1 hour. this is why there is need to make use of public facebook app and access token that has longer expiration or that never expires.  there are some facebook apps that never expires such as HTC Sense, Nokia Account, Samsung Mobile Bada, Iphoto Etc but the issue is that most of the app developer has Deactivated Aoauth Client Access token Features From The App due to abuse by those using bots likers and other automation programs. as a result pf this, 24webtraffic admin has made it a must to keep updating working app and removing non-working app from the facebook auto group poster platform. one of the working app include Instagram App which expires in 2 month. at least with instagram app for facebook, you can use it to schedule your post for future date plus you can use it to post to to public/closed/secret groups.

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Here Is How To Add Instagram App And Get Access Token

==> Login To The Facebook Group Auto Poster And Scroll Up, Click On Settings

==> On the settings page, Scroll Down To Facebook Apps and Click on it, then Scroll Down, you should see the list of available apps on the platform. remember, we do update the apps on regular bases once we detect any app that has stopped working.

==> From the list, find Instagram App and Click The Authenticate Button Close To it

==> it will pop up a small window, there you will see two buttons namely,  Authenticate The App And Get App Authentication Link


==> Now Click On The First Button, Authenticate The App.


facebook group auto poster app authentication

==>A small window will pop up and redirect you to facebook to give the Instagram app permission. make sure to set it to public when giving it permission. see image below

facebook group auto poster access token permission

==> Continue with the rest permission to complete the process.

==> after completing the permission process, close the permission page.

==> now its time to get access token. to do this, go to the small window where you clicked the first button that redirected you to facebook instagram permission page but Instead Of Clicking The Second Button which is Get App Authentication Link, Click The First Button Again, Authenticate The App.

facebook group auto poster app authentication

==> This time around, it won’t take you to the permission page but instead, it will display the Instagram Access Token URL Link with an error page saying “Sorry, something went wrong loading your info from Facebook. We’re looking into it. In the meantime, you can sign up through the app, or try again later”

facebook instagram access token

Don’t worry about the page, you should just copy the full url link but you have to be fast about it because the access token url link will be cut off if you did not copy it fast. but if you are having issue of not being able to copy the url link because it was too fast before it was cutoff, then use the code below. copy and past this into your browser view-source:https://goo.gl/P3VnKB . it will take you to the access token url

==> so Copy the full URL Link and Paste Into The Box That Says Paste The App Authentication Link Here . it will automatically extract the access token in the second box. so click on the Set Access Token Button

facebook auto group poster get Access token

==> It will add the instagram app to the platform.But hay wait a minute, you are not done yet.

in order for you to make use of the Instagram app or any other app you’ve just authenticated, you have to set it as your default app on the facebook auto group poster.to do this, if you are still in the settings page, Scroll Up to Posting Settings, there you will see an option Facebook App, Under it there is a small box, click on the box, a list of app you have authenticated will display.there you can select the Instagram app and then click on Save Changes. but if the instagram app did not display, then refresh the page and check it again. see image below

facebook auto poster default app

Update: with the recent update of the Facebook auto group poster, to get access token, just click on the Authenticate The App, after accepting permission for all, it will display the access token url. just copy the full url and paste into the Box that says Paste the app authentication link here. it will extract the access token automatically.

now you have successfully set the default app. you can make use of it to auto post to all your Facebook groups at once. so with this tutorial, you know how to Authenticate Instagram app on the Facebook Auto Group Poster Platform

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