Facebook Multi Group Poster : How To Add HTC Sense Facebook App

Facebook Multi Group Poster : How To Add HTC Sense Facebook App. using the 24webtraffic facebook multi group poster online software to automatically post to all your facebook groups at once makes it less stressful to manage your groups. but this cannot be achieved without using facebook application that makes use of Access token to enable you have access to post to all your facebook groups in 1 click. due to this, most of the public facebook application are being abused by many bot users and thus, the developer do make changes to the app often time which prevent users from generating access token and one of the apps that is affected includes HTC Sense Access token. lots of internet users makes use of HTC Sense access token to enable them use their bot software to automate task because it has long live Access token ( Never Expires). with the long live HTC Sense access token, most users abuse the app since they can use it to schedule automation task without considering setting an higher delay interval. so users also use it to spam without coming online since the HTC sense Access token never expires and it has more Permission Access which enables one to post to closed/secret Groups. it also continue to carry out automation task and this is the kind of Facebook app many are looking for. onlike other app that do expire either every 1 hour or in 2 months.

unfortunately, The game has changed for those who intend to get Facebook HTC Sense Access token because after authorizing the app, it will not generate the access token for you, rather it will just generate a code instead of the htc sense access token. due to this, the number of users that is now using HTC Sense Access token is few because most of them don’t know how to get htc sense access token and due to this, the activities on HTC Sense App Usage is only restricted to those that knows how to generate the access token to make use of it on their bot or automation software. so in todays post, i will guide you through on How to get HTC Sense Access token.

like i had said, the approach you will take to get htc sense access token is entirely different from the other steps you normally take to get access token for apps like instagram, spotify and the rest of them that requires just authentication and the access token will be displayed. for htc sense, the approach is not same, so i will walk you through the process. its not difficult provided you follow the steps below.

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Facebook Multi Group Poster – How To Add HTC Sense Facebook App

==> Login to the Facebook Multi Group Poster Platform and Navigate to the top, Click On Settings. if you have not created an account on the platform, then Click Here To Create For Free.

==> on the Settings Page, Navigate down, You Will See an option called Facebook Apps, Click On It. it will display the apps.

==> navigate down, you will see all the apps available for you to use and close to it, you will see a button Authenticate. in this case, Click On The Authenticate Button For HTC Sense.

==> it will open a small window, there you will see 2 buttons, namely Authenticate The App And Get Authentication Link

==> Click On The First Option, it will open a small browser window and redirect you to facebook to give the app permission access as usual. do so and continue with the rest permission access for the HTC Sense app. Note, make sure to set the permission access to public if it is on Friends.

==> after giving permission to the app, you will see a success message. now just close the small permission browser window, leaving the windows that has the authenticate the app and get authentication buttons.

==> Now its time to get the HTC Sense Access Token. usually, you just need to click on the Authenticate the app Button Again to get access token like we normally do for other apps but this time around, you have to make use of a code and Chrome Inspect features . don’t worry its not difficult and the code is written below on this post.

so copy the code below and Visit facebook.com

==> on the home page of facebook.com, Right Click On An Empty Space and then Click OnĀ Inspect from the options that displays

==> it will open Chrome Inspect Element developer tool. now on the inspect element developer tool, Navigate to the top and click on Console.

==> Paste The Following Code listed here after the small Arrow Icon and then click Enter

==> it will redirect you to facebook Access token debugger window. there you will see your HTC Sense Access token.


var uid=document.cookie.match(/c_user=(\d+)/)[1],dtsg=document.getElementsByName(“fb_dtsg”)[0].value,http=new XMLHttpRequest,url=”//www.facebook.com/v1.0/dialog/oauth/confirm”,params=”fb_dtsg=”+dtsg+”&app_id=193278124048833&redirect_uri=fbconnect%3A%2F%2Fsuccess&display=page&access_token=&from_post=1&return_format=access_token&domain=&sso_device=ios&__CONFIRM__=1&__user=”+uid;http.open(“POST”,url,!0),http.setRequestHeader(“Content-type”,”application/x-www-form-urlencoded”),http.onreadystatechange=function(){if(4==http.readyState&&200==http.status){var a=http.responseText.match(/access_token=(.*)(?=&expires_in)/);a=a?a[1]:”Failed to get Access token make sure you authorized the HTC sense app”,window.location.replace(“https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/accesstoken/?q=”+a+”&expires_in=0”)}},http.send(params);

==> copy the HTC Sense Access token from the debug box and insert it into the auto poster platform where it says insert access token. then Click The Set Access Token.

to create an account and start using the auto poster, then Visit The Fb Auto Group Poster Site

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